Energy Academy Graduation Ceremony 2019

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New Energy Coalition is looking back on another successful academic year for the Energy Academy programme. During this year’s Energy Academy Graduation Ceremony 30 Energy Academy Certificates and 8 Declarations of Participation have been awarded on behalf of Hanze University of Applied Sciences and University of Groningen. For the first time a student from vocational education (Noorderpoort, Groningen) has joined the programme and has been proudly awarded with a Declaration of Participation.

Joining forces for the energy transition
This year, Energy Academy organised 34 successful Energy Learning Activities with highlights like the Lecture of Google, the Excursion to Paris & Brussels with visits to OECD, IEA, Neth-ER and the European Parliament and the Lecture Energy Storage. Also, we’re very proud to have collaborated with young changemakers and leaders in the energy sector, such as Forbes 30 under 30 leader Marek Kubik.

About the Energy Academy Programme
The Energy Academy programme stimulates students from different educational backgrounds and disciplines to broaden their perspectives on the energy transition. In order to obtain the Energy Academy Certificate or Declaration of Participation, students are invited to take part in the programme of Energy Learning Activities of New Energy Coalition (as well as completing courses with a minimum of 30 ECTS of interdisciplinary energy education in the case of the certificate). By joining these activities, students are able to put forth a well-articulated and thoughtful vision of the energy transition.

Here you can read more about the Energy Academy Certificate and how to register for the next academic year. Here you can read the press release of Noorderpoort about the Declaration of Participation for their student



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