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New Energy Coalition: we know energy transition

We are looking for workable solutions to energy issues.
We see the energy transition as a system transformation. Whether it is a matter of generation, storage, distribution or use of energy, we consider the entire chain as a whole during our quest for solutions.

It is no coincidence that we are located in the north of the Netherlands. This region has been supplying the Netherlands with energy for many years and it has all the resources to continue doing so in the future. The source is changing, from peat to natural gas and now to renewable energy, but the expertise, infrastructure and activities in the field of energy will remain. It is here, in the Energy Valley, that the transition to a clean energy system for future generations has its roots. New Energy Coalition brings together knowledge, research, technology and entrepreneurship. From our position, we want to be a catalyst for a smart energy transition.

Energy transition: five themes

In the energy transition, New Energy Coalition is guided by five key themes. Independently, and as a whole, these themes contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy system. The choice of the five themes stems from our vision of the future energy system and the path towards it. Our founding fathers and our origins in the Energy Valley also play an important role. Thanks to its infrastructure, size and proximity to the North Sea, this region has everything it needs to contribute to the energy transition within the five guiding themes.

Energy transition as a system transformation

We see the energy transition as a system transformation. Our work encompasses all issues relating to energy. Rather than just one aspect of the transition we cover the entire chain, from generation, storage and distribution to use of energy. We believe that real change is only possible if we look at all aspects of the energy system in relation to each other. New Energy Coalition does this by innovating and training people who can work with the energy system of tomorrow.