Green Hydrogen Economy in Northern Netherlands

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Review 2018 - 2020

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New Energy Coalition: we know energy transition

With climate change accelerating, the energy transition is more urgent than ever. A successful energy transition requires new, clean energy sources and systems. New Energy Coaltion wants to contribute to this.

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Green molecules, system integration and human capital

The energy transition is leading to new developments in the energy system. The system will soon have more decentralised energy generators and more diversity in supply. This calls for customisation of and integration into the energy system and society. The interaction between green molecules (gases) and electrons plays a major role. New Energy Coalition has a strong knowledge position in the field of system integration and green molecules. The emphasis is on innovation and research. The dissemination of new knowledge and applications are reflected in the human capital programme.

Innovation & Research

The Energy transition is more than just technical innovation. It involves legal, spatial, social and other issues. Companies, institutions and governments gain knowledge about these issues by doing research together. Sharing research results and how to apply innovations are necessary for a successful energy transition. In our Research and Innovation programme, New Energy Coalition’s main focus is on System Integration and Green Molecules.