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With climate change accelerating, the energy transition is more urgent than ever. A successful energy transition requires new, clean energy sources and systems. New Energy Coalition wants to contribute to this, towards a strong and sustainable energy economy.

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Together – towards a sustainable energy economy

The task is large, complex and global. Cooperation is the key to success. The coalition brings together the knowledge, experience, innovation and willpower of businesses, governments and knowledge institutions. Together, we are the New Energy Coalition. Together, we take up the challenge. We actively share our know-how with others. So that everyone can benefit.

We are rooted in the northern part of the Netherlands. This region has a rich history as the nation’s energy supplier. It has accumulated a lot of energy knowledge and features a strong energy infrastructure with a deep sea port (Eemshaven) and the –international- natural gas infrastructure that can be used for the transport of renewable gases/hydrogen.

New solutions take shape here and are actually implemented. This contributes to the necessary energy transition. It also strengthens the position of the region. So, together we are on the way to a sustainable energy economy: with more knowledge, students, professionals, investments, jobs and activity. But the coalition’s vision is much broader, both on a national level and in Europe. After all, the energy transition does not stop at country borders and requires good (inter)national knowledge sharing, coordination and cooperation.


New Energy Coalition focuses on three topics:


Green Molecules

Approximately three quarters of the energy consumed in Europe consists of molecules (gases). Part of this is replaced by sustainable electricity. But it is estimated that in 2050 molecules will still account for 50% of the energy mix in Europe and the Netherlands. New Energy Coalition focuses on green hydrogen and green gas.

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System Integration

The energy transition requires changes to the current energy system. With a growing supply of energy from the sun and wind, among other things, there is less security of supply. After all, the sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow. This places different demands on energy systems and changes revenue models. New Energy Coalition looks at how various energy systems can be integrated.

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Human Capital

Parties come together in New Energy Coalition to develop and distribute relevant knowledge and expertise nationally and internationally. The focus is on lifelong development: from primary education to executive programmes for professionals. We are committed to educating people with the knowledge and competences required for the energy transition.

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What's in it for you?

Joining New Energy Coalition means that you are committed to a liveable and sustainable future. And that you want to work on this by collaborating, just like all the other partners. Progress results from collaboration.

New Energy Coalition offers you the opportunity to be at the forefront of relevant energy developments. Participation in projects, programs and/or (network) meetings gives you first insights into the latest developments. All activities give you easy access to an unprecedented diverse network with (inter)national and regional parties. This leads to new collaborations and new business opportunities. By joining the coalition, you create opportunities for your organisation.

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