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Our partners are indispensable to our coalition, we formulate and pursue our ambitions together with them. Our partners are involved in New Energy Coalition in several ways: as part of the governance structure and in the implementation of concrete projects and activities. In order to expand the meaningful involvement and the partner base, so-called “Programme Boards” are established.

The partners of New Energy Coalition contribute their expertise, knowledge and resources to support our common goal: to ‘smarten’ the energy transition. They are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, policy makers, scientists, knowledge institutions, civil society organisations and government organisations.

The role of our partners is diverse. They participate in our programmes, projects and events or contribute as co-organisers, hosts or participate in any other shape or form.

Strategic partners

Several of our partners have been involved in our organisation from the start and are included in considering our course and strategic choices.

We offer a standing invitation to any party who subscribes to our mission and wishes to collaborate, to join our coalition.