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Human Capital

Skilled energy professionals and outstanding scientists with specific professional knowledge and a broad understanding of the energy system. They are urgently needed to shape the energy transition. New Energy Coalition works on education that trains the professionals, needed for the energy transition.

We are committed to training professionals with the knowledge and competences needed for the energy transition. Anyone working on energy transition needs specific, up-to-date professional knowledge and a broad understanding of the entire energy system. A flexible attitude is essential in order to respond to new insights and developments. Furthermore the energy transition requires professionals who are able to work in multidisciplinary teams and share knowledge openly. This is the only way to bring about the much-needed innovations.

We need people who realise that the energy transition is not merely a technological issue, but a societal challenge. Professionals who excell at their subject,  with additional insight into the entire energy system. That is why New Energy Coalition supports the development of interdisciplinary education, from vocational level up to MBA.

Vision on energy education

We connect educational institutions and other partners to determine together what energy education should look like. This is an ongoing process. After all, education must respond to the developments in the energy transition. Based on a broadly supported educational agenda, we develop relevant educational projects in cooperation with our partners.

Waterstof Werkt (Hydrogen Works)

The educational programme Waterstof Werkt (Hydrogen Works) is an initiative of New Energy Coalition in cooperation with educational institutions and the business community. The programme has a total volume of over 7 million euros and is in addition financed by the partners involved from the business community, the educational institutes and New Energy Coalition. In the coming years, ‘Waterstof Werkt’ (Hydrogen Works) is to give a boost to regional education in order to meet the demand for skilled jobs in the sustainable energy sector and the hydrogen economy in particular. The project will run from 2022 to 2027.

More about Waterstof Werkt (Hydrogen Works), the programme