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Research & Innovation

The energy transition will only progress if we constantly look with unbridled curiosity for innovations and research that contribute to a sustainable society. New Energy Coalition does just that. By sharing new ideas and driving them forward we contribute to the energy transition.

We believe in open innovation! For us, open innovation means working on solutions for a more sustainable energy system together with knowledge institutes, the business community and governments. By bringing these parties together we accelerate innovations and their introduction to the market. We innovate together with parties from the entire chain, from generation to storage, distribution, application of energy, and research. By looking at the energy system as a whole, we create innovations that can be implemented immediately, without wasting unnecessary time.

In research and innovation, we follow two tracks: green molecules (gas and hydrogen) and system integration (ecosystems and energy hubs).


We bring research power together for the energy transition. We provide an overall picture of the landscape of energy research and create perspective and insight into energy issues with an integrated approach. From this position we bring relevant research, private and public parties and our partners together to identify the major societal and scientific challenges that lie ahead. This results in a widely supported, current research agenda that allows us to make targeted choices about which research projects to develop within the key themes of our organisation. We link funding of public and private parties to these projects. This is how we work in a structured way to gather knowledge for a smart energy transition.

To stimulate open innovation, we are always looking for new knowledge and market parties to expand our research community.


The successful launch of an innovative idea is what we want to achieve with our innovation activities. With our own experts we support (business) organisations and their projects in various ways: by contributing technical knowledge, either our own or our partners’, by carrying out feasibility studies, or by connecting business entrepreneurs to policy makers or government officials, knowledge institutions or other parties that can bring the innovation to the next step.

Our innovation projects