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The New Energy Coalition develops, organises and facilitates knowledge sharing through regular education at secondary vocational, higher vocational and university level in the Northern Netherlands. We also train professionals from around the world through the Energy Delta Institute, our own business school. We also organise lectures, masterclasses, excursions, symposia and debates that are open to everyone. Anyone who follows these ‘Energy Learning Activities’ and completes an energy course at Hanze University of Applied Sciences or the University of Groningen will be awarded the Energy Academy Certificate. These projects will enable New Energy Coalition to build a suitable and up-to-date educational portfolio for a smart energy transition.

Sufficient professionals

We don’t just need brilliant energy people, we also need enough of them. In order to inspire students and pupils to pursue a career in the energy sector, we are participating in the Follow Energy campaign and supporting Energy College – the secondary vocational cooperation in the northern Netherlands.

Energy education

The New Energy Coalition offers students enegie-education at mbo, hbo and university level. Mbo students can follow energy education through the Energy College program. Hbo and wo students can choose modules, minors, bachelor’s or master’s programmes in the field of energy. There is also the possibility to obtain the Energy Academy certificate in addition to your regular education.

Energy College

A cooperation between northern MBO institutions and companies. Energy College trains professionals for the energy transition.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Offers a wide range of energy courses; from modules and minors to bachelors and masters programmes and a Living Lab Energy Transition at EnTranCe.

University of Groningen

Students can opt for a bachelors or masters programme in the field of energy. Various faculties also provide courses and the University of Groningen offers multidisciplinary minors in energy.

Energy Academy | a New Energy Coalition programme

Organises more than thirty lectures, excursions, symposia, master classes and debates on current developments in the energy transition every year. Students who combine ten Energy Learning Activities with an energy course within their studies receive the Energy Academy Certificate.