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As initiator, coordinator or implementer, we are involved in a wide range of regional, national and international projects and programmes.  Due to our energy knowledge and expertise, our position as the hub of the international energy network and our organisational strength we are able to build strong collaborations and we launch successful projects.

So what are the outcomes?

Often the projects we work on, and the outcomes remain restricted to the view of the researchers, project partners and other stakeholders involved. What does it actually yield, the research, the pilots, the living labs? What remains? All projects in one way or another contribute to developments, innovations and policy. That too is not very tangible. One of the projects we are working on, Making City, produced a video that makes what happens in a long-term project and what it delivers, insightful. Check it out:

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AI Hub Northern Netherlands (NNL)

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence AI in the energy transition


Next Generation Batteries based on Understanding of Materials Interfaces


Cooperating European Hydrogen Valley regions to push production, transport and implementation of hydrogen to the next step


Zero emission in the Port of den Helder using hydrogen for transport over road and the Dutch Wadden Sea.

Green Hyslands

Establishing a fully-functioning Hydrogen (H2) ecosystem on the island of Mallorca (Spain) making the island into Southern Europe’s first H2 hub.

Participation Center

Research Centre for Public Participation in the Energy Transition


The development of scalable strategies for improving and implementing Positve Energy Districts (PED's).


Sustainable renovations of existing buildings within the European Union.

Waterstof Werkt (Hydrogen Works) – educational programme

Continuous learning and working in the hydrogen economy. 

Powering Agrifood

Powering the agrifood value chain


Development of a green hydrogen chain in the Northern Netherlands