New Energy Coalition is making the energy transition smarter.  We shape the transition by means of various projects for knowledge development, business development and education. As initiator, coordinator or implementer, we are involved in a wide range of regional, national and international projects and programmes. In these projects and programmes we develop courses, fundamental knowledge or innovations and their integration into the energy system. Thanks to our energy knowledge, our position as the hub of the international energy network and our organisational strength we are able to build strong collaborations and we launch successful projects. We approach the energy transition as a system transformation and from different disciplines. As such, our projects contribute, directly or indirectly, to the development of workable solutions for a sustainable energy system.

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Unlocking the great potential of EU islands to act as Lighthouses of pan-European decarbonization


Training Early Start Researchers (ESRs) with an integrated understanding to become experts in the front line of the energy transition.

NEC Research: Hydrogen Markets

Hydrogen Markets: economic conditions, regulation and outlook

NEC Research: PhD @ Sea

Facilitating Large Scale Offshore Wind Energy Production by Developing Offshore Storage and Transport

NEC Research: Super P2G

Lower the threshold for need-owners to validate and put P2G to practice for Smart Energy Systems, Sectorial Integration and Local&Regional development

NEC Research: SMiLES

Developing business and organizational models to enable efficient, effective and emission-free transport.


Smart city project helping historical cities to become greener, smarter and more livable while respecting cultural heritage.

Smart Match BZO

Development of a Smart Grid in a light industrial area in the south of the city of Groningen.

Making City

Demonstration of a Smart City and development of pathways to become energy neutral in the municipality of Groningen.


Accelerates the introduction of LNG as an alternative fuel in cross-border freight traffic in Germany and the Netherlands.

CLean INland SHipping (CLINSH)

Improving air quality in urban areas by accelerating emission reductions in Inland Waterway Transport

NEC Research: Transforming Regions

Methodology to support stakeholders in decision making on regional energy transition.