As initiator, coordinator or implementer, we are involved in a wide range of regional, national and international projects and programmes.  Due to our energy knowledge and expertise, our position as the hub of the international energy network and our organisational strength we are able to build strong collaborations and we launch successful projects.

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Integrating Tidal energy into the European Grid

Waterstof Werkt (Hydrogen Works) – educational programme

Powering Agrifood

Powering the agrifood value chain


Development of a green hydrogen chain in the Northern Netherlands

Groen over de grens / Grün über die Grenze

Cross-border cooperation with German state Nordrhein-Westfalen in the field of alternative fuels for the transport sector.


Developing programmes on how to include groups in society and to take account of different values in decision making on regional energy strategies.


Innovation in carbon capture, utilisation and storage


HyDelta takes away obstacles in the scale-up of hydrogen.


Integrated Solutions for Decarbonisation and Smartification of Islands.

Making City

Demonstrating and further developing the smart city of Groningen with a focus on energy-positive buildings and matching energy supply and demand.

ENSYSTRA (ended)

Training Early Start Researchers (ESRs) with an integrated understanding to become experts in the front line of the energy transition.

Hydrogen Markets

Hydrogen Markets: economic conditions, regulation and outlook