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New Energy Coalition brings research power together for the energy transition. We provide an overall picture of the landscape of energy research and create perspective and insight into energy issues.

Because we believe that a system approach is necessary, we always strive for an integrated approach. From this position we bring relevant research parties and private and public parties together and, together with our partners, identify the major societal and scientific challenges that lie ahead. This results in a widely supported, current research agenda that allows us to make targeted choices about which research projects to develop within the key themes of our organisation. As an independent party, we link the research resources of our public and private partners to these projects. We also use our knowledge of other financing possibilities to enhance the effect. This way, we work in a structured process to gather the necessary knowledge for a smart energy transition.

Building a research community

In the interests of open innovation, we encourage knowledge and market parties who are not yet affiliated to us, to join in. Through our organisational strength, we can drive new joint activities. We share our research information, enabling us to build a research community where we can link academic knowledge parties to parties who carry out application-oriented research.

Our central position in the field makes research results more visible to the outside world. We ensure that energy research is put on the map locally as well as nationally and internationally.

Energy Community of Young Researchers

New Energy Coalition is actively committed to creating an attractive environment for talented researchers. This is why we started the Energy Community of Young Researchers, where young researchers meet and collaborate on interdisciplinary research proposals and publications.


We connect governments, companies and researchers. Together with our partners, we set out the broad outlines for energy research. By implementing this widely supported research agenda, we provide direction to the energy transition and help it move forward.

- Robbert Jan Slobben

Drs. R.J.R. Slobben

Research coordinator Robbert-Jan Slobben is coordinator of the team research at New Energy Coalition and develops collaborations and projects in the field of energy research. Expertises: Research social and societal aspects of energy transition