Transforming Regions

Methodology to support stakeholders in decision making on regional energy transition.


This project develops a ‘real practice based methodology for regional energy transition’ aiming to support the most important stakeholders in decision making on regional energy transition. The methodology is developed based on several cases, of which one set of cases focuses on the built environment and another set of cases is directed at the industrial environment.


Start date: 1 October 2017
End date: 1 October 2021

Funding (rate): M€1.527 (73%)
Total costs: M€2.088


Although on national level good underpinnings of the energy transition pathways, backed by quantitative scenario analysis is in some form available, such underpinnings on more detailed regional scale are hardly available. In this project an approach is developed in which the specifics of concrete locations such as industrial sites, villages or (districts of) cities itself are taken into account: what combinations of options and opportunities can be deployed over time and how does one optimize the system and also how to involve and support all stakeholders, including the end users.

Stakeholders such as local government and authorities, small, medium and large businesses, consumers in all sizes have different needs for information that enables them to develop regional strategies for energy or make investment decisions. A number of tools, models, methodologies and approaches already exist that support the decision makers for the regional transitions. But just as with the huge number of initiatives, there is no single comprehensive methodology that supports all stakeholders in a certain region in making the best possible decisions in a way that is also reproducible in other regions.

In this project two regional settings (built environment and industrial) will be tackled by a number of case studies that will be used to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive methodology for regional energy transition.

Our role

We are responsible for monitoring and reporting project progress and deliverables to the project consortium and funding organisations. We also provide support in communicating project results.

Deliverables / reports

  • Evaluation research in energy transition towards a Sustainable Ameland > read more
  • Study on decision making in regional energy transition, tools and methods > read more
  • Report ‘Supporting Municipal Energy Transition Decision-making’ > read more
  • (Dutch) Report ‘Decision making on regional energy transition in industrial clusters’ > read more
  • (Dutch) Report ‘Institutionele innovatie voor de regionale energietransitie’ > read more
  • (Dutch) Report ‘Rapport Social Factoren Paddepoel’ > read more


The organisation below are partners of this project:

TNO, University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Science, EBN, NAM, Gasunie & GasTerra.

Contact details

Dirk Kuiken is involved in the project. If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to contact us.