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Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen, produced from renewable energy, can play a significant role in the energy transition. It can be used as a green raw material or energy carrier in industry, in the power grid, in the built environment and in the transport sector. For this to happen, however, we must first develop the entire hydrogen chain further: production, storage, distribution and applications in the market.

The Northern Netherlands is an extremely suitable region for shaping an integrated hydrogen economy. Our region has large quantities of renewable energy (a.o. via our deep sea port), the knowledge to convert this energy into hydrogen, the gas infrastructure to transport and distribute hydrogen and the industry clusters to use the hydrogen. Furthermore, the governments, industry, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes in the region have a widely shared view about the development of the Northern Netherlands as a Hydrogen Valley.

Update October 30, 2020: introduction Investment plan Hydrogen Northern Netherlands and promotional campaign ‘My future is Hydrogen’

Connecting parties from the hydrogen chain

We stimulate innovation and investment by working on a test environment for the entire hydrogen chain, in the EnTranCe energy testing ground and in industry. We give advice on application possibilities, economic opportunities and regulations. We facilitate knowledge sharing by facilitating education, research and other activities. Our most important role is to connect parties and initiatives in the hydrogen chain.

New Energy Coalition acts as a go-between in the hydrogen world: we bring parties into contact with each other. But that doesn’t simply mean giving out phone numbers. We make sure that there is a real connection, that parties get to know each other and really start working together. By doing so, we really help the hydrogen economy in the region and beyond, and therefore the energy transition, to make progress.

- Patrick Cnubben

HEAVENN & Hydrogen Valley

New Energy Coalition is the catalyst behind HEAVENN, a six-year European programme in which more than thirty public and private parties are contributing to the construction of a hydrogen network in the Northern Netherlands. From large-scale production of hydrogen to the expansion of the number of hydrogen vehicles and refuelling stations, and from underground hydrogen storage to hydrogen to heat residential areas. All these initiatives are being developed in conjunction in the Hydrogen Valley, which has put the region on the international map as the exemplary region for hydrogen.

Watch the video of Hydrogen Valley here.

New Energy Coalition also supports lobbying activities, such as for offshore wind power, and we inform the general public about the opportunities offered by hydrogen. For example, we support Mission H2 to promote the importance of hydrogen and the opportunities that it offers.

Drs. Ing. P.A.J.P. Cnubben

Manager H2

Patrick has been active in the field of energy for over 17 years now and is focussed on the development of projects in the field of (biogenic) energy carriers such as Green Gas, (Bio)LNG and Hydrogen. The facilitation of business development - from idea generation through the realisation phase towards the operational phase -  with and within industrial clusters in the Northern-Netherlands is key

Expertises: collaboration development with other regions around the North Sea and there beyond Acquisition of innovation and investment projects on topics of Hydrogen, (Bio)LNG and sustainable gases