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Green Gas

Gas will continue to play a key role in the energy supply of the future. Increasingly, this is renewable gas. New Energy Coalition is working with its partners on innovations for a greener gas system. In this way we contribute to larger volumes of sustainable gas, lower costs and greater social acceptance.

Gas currently accounts for 77% of the Dutch energy mix, mainly natural gas. Electricity is becoming increasingly important, but gas continues to play a key role. It will be renewable gas, produced from organic material such as organic waste, sewage sludge or cow manure. This gas is used where electricity is not so suitable: in heavy transport, to balance the energy system and in industry, as a feedstock and to generate very high temperatures.

More abundant and cheaper green gas

The Northern of the Netherlands is at the forefront of greening the gas system. Half of the green gas in the Netherlands comes from our region. We have biomass, innovative companies, gas knowledge and infrastructure. From this position, we encourage the development and scaling up of the technology in order to be able to produce larger volumes of sustainable gas at a lower price. We are also looking at social acceptance of green gas and re-use of gas infrastructure for renewable gases. We are also piloting ways to make shipping more sustainable through the use of liquid gas (LNG or bio-LNG).

Renewable gases can play a key role in balancing fluctuations in energy supply and demand, but this requires a sufficient supply of affordable green gas. New Energy Coalition contributes to the greening of the gas system by stimulating relevant knowledge, entrepreneurship and education as a whole.

- Ruud Paap

Knowledge of the energy landscape

Our role within the theme ‘Greening the gas system’ is diverse. Sometimes we are at the forefront of projects ourselves and look for the right partners, on other occasions we are knowledge carriers. And we often help entrepreneurs to hone their business case, find a good location or subsidy schemes and make contact with the government. Our key added value comes from our knowledge of the (Northern) Dutch energy landscape. This enables us to connect the right parties at the right time. We also use this knowledge to ensure that the educational portfolio of our EDI business school and our educational partners is in line with current developments.


Ing. R.H. Paap, MBA

Project manager green gas

Ruud Paap is project manager for green gas at the New Energy Coalition and also works for Groen Gas Nederland and TKI Nieuw Gas. He is also one of the members of the BioLNG working group of the National LNG Platform.

Expertises: Biogas Green gas BioLNG