Congrats to all the graduates of the Energy Academy Programme

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Energy Academy – the student energy education programme of New Energy Coalition – looks back on a successful but peculiar year. Especially since there will not be a Graduation Ceremony to celebrate the 28 students who attained their Energy Academy Certificate or Declaration of Participation. That’s why the team behind Energy Academy decided to make a video messages for the graduates!

Being part of the Energy Transition

This year, Energy Academy organised 26 successful Energy Learning Activities with over 1.000 participants. This year’s highlights of the Energy Programme were the Masterclass with Diederik Samsom during the Klimmaattop Noord Summit, the Excursion to Paris & Brussels with visits to OECD, IEA, Neth-ER and the European Parliament and the Lecture about the Green Hydrogen Economy. Due to COVID-19 Energy Academy adapted their Energy Learning Activities to the online-environment in collaboration with our Business School Energy Delta Institute and Energy Academy developed their own webinars. Both turned out to be very successful and enabled the students to attain their Certificate or Declaration even without being in Groningen!

About the Energy Academy Programme

The energy transition needs both skilled professionals and excellent researchers with a broad view on the matter at hand. That’s why the Energy Academy programme stimulates students from different educational backgrounds and disciplines to broaden their perspectives on the energy transition. By collaborating closely with the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Science, we enable students to become the energy professional the world needs.

In order to obtain the Energy Academy Certificate or Declaration of Participation, students are invited to take part in the programme of Energy Learning Activities of New Energy Coalition (as well as completing courses with a minimum of 30 ECTS of interdisciplinary energy education in the case of the certificate). By joining these activities, students are able to put forth a well-articulated and thoughtful vision of the energy transition.