Research meeting North Sea as an Energy Region October 2nd, 2019

Published on in North Sea Energy

Researchers of the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences were invited to take part in the kick-off meeting for the theme North Sea as an Energy Region. Its aim was to gather input on the Research Agenda, which will in turn be used to guide innovation and the development of future scientific projects.

Based on the proposed scenarios, we have been successful in identifying research challenges in various disciplines, which we will have to address on our way to a more sustainable future. Within this theme, enabling large scale renewable energy generation and exploiting opportunities for energy system integration on the North Sea and addressing the social, spatial, economical, legal (incl. cross-border) and ecological impact were of particular importance and interest of the participating researchers. Some other key topics discussed were;

  • Zero-regret policies and adaptive governance
  • Decommissioning and maintenance of wind turbines
  • New production technologies, planning and maintenance tools to reduce costs of renewable offshore production
  • (Governance for) multiple use & hybrid energy generation

New Energy Coalition will summarize and share these results. Furthermore, we are in the process of organizing another meeting in which we will attempt to link these research opportunities with the strategic questions of organizations in our network. We will keep you updated!