EU Sustainable Energy Week – Side Event

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Afternoon Seminar ‘Towards a Hydrogen Energy Economy’
Side event as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels

Date:           Wednesday 19 June 2019
Location:    SG Benelux, Regentschapsstraat 39, 1000 Brussel
Time:           14.00 – 18.00 h


In order to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, the EU, Member States and subnational governments, together with industry and other stakeholders, are actively exploring various ways towards decarbonisation. The potential of (sustainable) hydrogen as an energy and climate solution is an actively debated topic in academic and policy circles. Practitioners and stakeholders along the energy value chain are looking for ways to translate the potential of hydrogen into practice.This session aims to contribute to solving the implementation puzzle by debating relevant issues with expert panelists from stakeholders involved including governments and industry.

It will also showcase recent initiatives in the Northern Netherlands as a case study of how a relevant hydrogen energy ecosystem could be developed.


14.00 Welcome by Moderator
Sonja van Renssen  
Robert Schröder – Cabinet of Commissioner Moedas
14.15 Session 1 Hydrogen Energy: Technique and Application

What are the most promising applications for hydrogen energy. Where should we focus on (first), and why?

Carlos Navas – FCH-JUPanel discussion:
– Caroline Hillegeer – Engie (tbc)
– Barbara Huneman – Nouryon
– Valentine Willmann – HyER
14.45 Session 2 – Hydrogen Energy – economic aspects and business case

What is needed to make the business case for hydrogen energy work?

Prof Jan-Willem Velthuijsen – Chief Economist, PwC
Panel discussion:
– Alex Floristean – SG Hydrogen Europe
– Pieter van Aartsen – Gasunie
– Christian Weinberger – DG GROW, European Commission
15.15 Coffee break
15.40 Film
15.45 Session 3 – Policy, Regulation and Implementation

How do we move form theory and drawing board to actual practice? How can various government levels work together?

Tudor Constantinescu – DG Energy, European CommissionPanel discussion:
– Tudor Constantinescu – DG Energy, European Commission
– Noë van Hulst – Hydrogen Envoy for The Netherlands
– Jan Molema – Director, Benelux Union
Session 4 – Hydrogen projects pitches and best practices
– Sjaak Schuit – City of Groningen
– Martijn Kleverlaan –  GZI Next/NAM
– Jan-jaap Aué – HydroHub
16.45 Concluding remarks Noé van Hulst – Hydrogen Envoy for The Netherlands
17:00 Networking drinks