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In the energy transition, New Energy Coalition is guided by five key themes:

  • The North Sea as an energy region
  • Industrial transformation
  • The Green Hydrogen Economy
  • Local energy systems
  • Greening of the gas system

Making adjustments

Our guiding themes stem from the history of the Energy Valley region and our vision of the future energy system and the path to it. We chose the themes that will help our partners strengthen each other and that we expect to enable us to take big steps in the energy transition. Because this transition is a journey into an as yet unknown future, we are constantly looking to see if we need to make any adjustments. The themes are not fixed, but will move with our journey.

Coherence between themes

The themes are not independent; they overlap. For example, the green electricity we produce in the North Sea can be a source for the production of sustainable hydrogen. In turn, this green hydrogen creates opportunities for the greening of the gas system, local energy systems and industrial processes. In our vision of energy transition as system transformation, this coherence is at least as important as the themes themselves.

Innovation for a smart energy transition

Within the themes, we want to innovate and achieve breakthroughs for a smart energy transition. We combine the strengths of our partners and work with them to formulate a comprehensive vision of the theme. Based on this vision, we are developing an interdisciplinary and coherent portfolio of activities for knowledge development, business development and education.