Research agenda

New Energy Coalition endeavours to make energy-related research of University of Groningen (UG), Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) and other research institutions more visible, accessible, and aims to boost new research possibilities on their key themes. To realise this we are developing a research agenda.

In order to set up the research agenda, we propose a broad overview per theme, which serves as a scientific framework and an introduction to the research agenda. In the year 2019, we developed a research agenda for the themes Local Energy Systems, Industrial Transformation and North Sea as an Energy Region. The research agendas for the themes Hydrogen and Green Gas will be developed in 2020.

Per theme, UG and HUAS researchers were invited to participate in meetings to discuss the research challenges that lie ahead in the field of these specific themes. Based on their input, we drafted a research agenda that will help to make research at UG, HUAS and other research institutions more visible, accessible, and that will boost new research possibilities.

In a second meeting, researchers and organisations in our network jointly discuss the defined scenarios and refine the research questions. This creates a link between scientific content and strategic questions that organisations may have in the energy transition.

The research agenda will be used to create and connect research possibilities on UG, HUAS and other research institutions, to be updated on a yearly base in close collaboration with the parties involved.