PhD @ Sea

Facilitating Large Scale Offshore Wind Energy Production by Developing Offshore Storage and Transport


The project assesses the feasibility of offshore energy storage options (electricity pumped storage and hydrogen conversion) from a technical, market, legal and spatial planning perspective. It also studies alternative methods to transport electricity and/or hydrogen to shore and their feasibility for implementation in the Dutch North Sea.


Start date: 1 May 2020
End date: 1 May 2024

Total cost: M€ 1,1
Contribution New Energy Coalition: k€ 30


The project focuses on:

  1. technical and physical specifications for both electricity (pumped) storage and hydrogen conversion. Notably, optimization of energy harvesting, power production, onsite storage utilization, and balancing the collection cables in the hybrid offshore wind farm and the use of transport infrastructure.
  2. the possibilities and constraints for designing and operating offshore hydrogen production and its related market integration.
  3. design of an adequate legal/regulatory framework for deployment of large scale energy storage and electricity consuming installations offshore and the development of alternative cables (multi-purpose use of the offshore grid) and hydrogen transport infrastructure.
  4. the possible allocation of offshore storage and transport facilities in the face of its possible environmental impact, conflicts with alternative sea uses, and associated costs form a marine spatial planning perspective.

This will result in a report for industry practitioners and civil servants on the feasibility of the analysed offshore storage and transport options, including explicit policy recommendations.

Our role

We contribute knowledge and experience from the theme North Sea as an Energy Region, and coordinate the knowledge dissemination activities


University of Groningen, Universiteit of Utrecht, Ocean Grazer, Loyens & Loeff, NOGAT, NOORDGASTRANSPORT, Vattenfall Offshore Wind, Siemens Nederland, TNO, Dutch Energy Law Association NeVER, NOGEPA, TenneT, NAM & EBN.


Dirk Kuiken is involved in the project. If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to contact us.