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North Sea as an Energy Region

The energy transition in North-Western Europe requires large amounts of renewable energy. The North Sea is ideally suited for large wind farms to supply this energy. Within the theme ‘The North Sea as an energy region’, New Energy Coalition is working on smart solutions for clean, efficient and cost-effective energy production in the North Sea.

The North Sea can supply large quantities of energy: its location and limited depth make the area very suitable for large-scale wind farms. In addition, the offshore oil and gas infrastructure is suitable for reuse. The pipelines can transport hydrogen produced from the green wind stream, or CO2, to be stored in old oil and gas fields beneath the North Sea. We are looking at all these aspects of the energy system in the North Sea. We are also looking at the role of ports in the storage, transport and use of these energy and CO2 flows. The theme ‘The North Sea as an energy region’ has much in common with our other themes.

We are acquiring a great deal of knowledge from the development of the North Sea as an energy region. About the generation of enormous quantities of offshore wind energy. About converting this stream into gas, for example hydrogen. About reusing oil and gas infrastructure to transport these sustainable gases. About storing CO2 in the seabed. And about the role of the ports in this energy region.

- Prof. Dr. Mr. Catrinus Jepma

Opportunities for the North Sea energy region

We use our knowledge and our network to make the system changes in the North Sea smarter. Together with our partners, we determine which issues we need to address and what opportunities there are for the economy and the energy transition. On the basis of our joint research and innovation agenda, we launch projects for fundamental, applied and market-driven research. This is why we are involved in the North Sea Energy Programme, an international industry-driven innovation programme for energy applications in the North Sea. We also support companies that want to invest in the future energy system in the North Sea. For this purpose, we can develop and calculate business cases or help a company find the right contacts.

We attach great importance to sharing knowledge on this subject. We regularly organise symposia and other activities to bring parties together to discuss this matter and our business school, Energy Delta Institute, has various training courses on this theme.

MSc. Miralda van Schot

Project Manager/Energy Analyst

Experienced energy analyst in the field of system integration in the North Sea. From reuse to system optimization.

Expertises: Energy and business models Market research Project development