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The energy transition will not progress if we do not constantly look with unbridled curiosity for innovations that contribute to a sustainable society. New Energy Coalition does just that. By sharing new ideas and driving them forward we are helping to make the energy transition smarter.

We believe in open innovation!  For us, open innovation means working on solutions for a more sustainable energy system together with knowledge institutes, the business community and governments. By bringing these parties together we accelerate innovations and their introduction to the market. As an example, by linking governments with experts on energy legislation at the University of Groningen, we are looking ahead to the development of legislation and regulations for completely new applications. We innovate together with parties from the entire chain, from generation to storage, distribution and application of energy. By looking at the energy system as a whole, we create innovations that can be implemented immediately, without wasting unnecessary time.

In innovation, we follow two tracks that fit in with each other: Business Development and Research. We see business development and research as important bearers of innovation.