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Industrial Transformation

Industry is a major consumer of fossil energy: coal, oil and natural gas are used as energy sources and feedstocks in production processes. New Energy Coalition is committed to finding alternative fuels and feedstocks and to changing industrial processes.

Industry plays an important role in making the energy system more sustainable. In the Netherlands, industry accounts for 40% of fossil hydrocarbon consumption, both as a source of energy and as a feedstock. So there’s a lot of profit to be made there. Industrial companies can use hydrogen, biogas or green gas instead of natural gas to reach the high temperatures that are required. For this to happen, the production of these sustainable gases must be increased and the price reduced. Changes to industrial processes can also help. Electrochemicals offer great opportunities in this area. This option makes it possible to replace the use of natural gas with sustainable electricity. Another way to transform industry is to choose non-fossil-based feedstocks. The carbon that the industry is often reliant on can come from CO2, biomass or recycled plastic, for example.

Our primary role is that of a connector, between knowledge institutes and practice and also between the electricity side and the gas side. Until recently, these were almost completely separate worlds, each with its own language. As an independent party, New Energy Coalition seeks to connect these worlds by organising activities and initiating projects.

- Machiel van Steenis

Greening through connecting

We connect industrial partners, governments and knowledge institutions to stimulate industrial transformation. One of the ways in which we do this is through consortia with which we carry out innovation projects and in knowledge platforms. We stimulate the development and testing of new technologies in the lab and in test plants. And we support companies that want to become greener, by helping them with strategy development, financing, contacts and starting up pilot projects. In addition, we organise meetings, training courses and educational activities for knowledge sharing.

Dr. Ir. M. van Steenis

Business Developer

Machiel van Steenis is a business developer and project manager, with a specific focus on Industrial Transformation. Important themes are high temperature heat, green raw materials and the reuse of CO2.

Expertises: Energy transition sustainable chemistry reuse of CO2 biomass