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Skilled energy professionals and outstanding scientists with specific expertise and a comprehensive insight into the energy system are desperately needed to shape the energy transition. New Energy Coalition provides courses to train those professionals as required for the energy transition.

We are committed to providing training for professionals to give them the knowledge and competencies required for the energy transition. Anyone working on the energy transition needs specific, up-to-date expertise and a comprehensive insight into the entire energy system. The ability to respond to new insights and developments requires a flexible attitude, and the transition requires professionals who can work together in a multidisciplinary way and openly share knowledge. That is the only way that the much needed innovations will be realised.

For the energy transition we need people who understand that the energy transition is not merely a technological problem, but a social challenge. Professionals who have mastered their own profession and have sufficient insight into the entire energy system. That is why New Energy Coalition supports the development of interdisciplinary education, from secondary vocational (MBO) to MBA level.

Vision on energy education

We connect educational institutions and other partners to determine what energy education should comprise. It is an ongoing process since education must respond to current and future developments in the energy transition. Based on a widely supported educational agenda, we develop relevant educational projects,  in cooperation with our partners.