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Business development

The successful launch of an innovative idea is what we want to achieve by means of our business development activities.  We support organisations and (European) projects that identify opportunities in promising ideas that arise in fundamental research or in the marketplace. The projects we launch within business development are sometimes at the stage of applied research. In such cases we test new products. In other cases, innovations are almost ready to be launched onto the market.

Driving innovation forward

We support organisations and projects in various ways, such as contributing technical knowledge, either our own or our partners’, by carrying out an economic feasibility study, or by introducing an entrepreneur to the local government, a knowledge institution or other parties who can help him with his innovation.

In-house experts and business developers

We have our own experts and business developers for each theme. They provide knowledge and insight into the energy system as a whole. By combining this knowledge with an extensive national and international network we are able to successfully help parties with their energy issues. Through our business development branch, we bring innovations (closer) to the market and thus make a definite contribution to a new energy system.

New Energy Coalition is the active hub in a large network of key players in the energy world. As a result, we are strong in identifying opportunities for the energy transition and forging successful consortia.

- Harald Veldkamp | COO New Energy Coalition